Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted my illustration request several days ago, why haven’t I gotten my quote(s)?
Illustrations are processed in order of “date needed”. For example, if your illustration request is submitted on January 5th, but you have indicated that it’s not needed until January 10th, other illustration requests received after yours that indicated they needed immediate attention, may get processed before your request. Although we don’t suggest you always request immediate service when it’s not necessary, we do recommend that you give us a realistic “Date Needed” which gives you enough time to review the illustration(s) for accuracy and make sure they fit into your sales strategy.

What is the normal turn-around time for an illustration?
We publish 24-hour turn-around time, however depending on the volume for that day, you very likely may have same day service.

Why do I have to submit my request online? I would rather just call someone.
All illustration requests that come in through the website are registered, and a confirmation is sent back to you via email. This process is very important to us for tracking volume and response time. In addition, it gives you confirmation that your request was received in our office.

Do I have to complete every blank on the illustration request form?
Although it is imperative that we have the most accurate information, there may be times you are not sure of the company or plan of insurance and need to discuss it with our staff. Please fill out as much information as possible on the request form and then explain your circumstances in the “Comments” area of the form. If you would like to discuss the illustration with someone prior to it being run, you can ask to be called in the “Comments” section.

Do I have to fill out all my information on each request if I have multiple requests being sent simultaneously?
Complete the first screen with all your pertinent information. After you submit the initial request, use the back arrow. You will then be taken to your original request screen and you only will need to revise the areas that are changing on your next request.

Why didn’t I receive contracting information or applications with my illustration(s)?
It is not normal procedure to automatically send out contracting and/or applications since we are not sure if your client will accept the offer. However, we normally will ask if you need applications or contracting information when the illustration is sent.