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Download Generic Impaired
Risk Questionnaires:

For additional impairment questionnaires, call 866-546-5267 Option 2.

Impaired Risk/Informal Inquiries

Impaired Risk

Occasionally you will have a case that involves an impaired risk client. This type of case can be handled in the following ways:

Process for Formal Preliminary Request/Case Shopping Questionnaire

Complete the Impaired Risk Questionnaire Packet. Fax the forms, along with any other medical information (APSs, lab reports, paramed exams, etc.) to AMS For Life at 858-207-1793.

Underwriter(s) will review any information you are able to obtain in order to give a tentative offer (case information may be submitted to several carriers at one time). This informal process can take several weeks. Please note that if one or more APSs are obtained, payment for such service is the responsibility of the Agent. If the case is subsequently submitted to a carrier on a formal basis, (application completed and medical requirements obtained) the invoice for the APS can then be submitted (by the Agent) to the carrier for reimbursement.

Informal Inquiry

Please contact AMS For Life at 866-546-5267 option 2. You will be asked to complete related impaired risk questionnaires. Calls will then be made to carriers for a tentative rating range.